Dr. Samuel & Emily Zimmern

Jewish values, ethics and view of the world are the guidelines around which Emily and I structure our lives. They form the framework for our relations with our family, friends and others. They point the way for what we do at home, at work and everywhere else. Beyond their importance to us, we believe that many of the precepts of Judaism have served to bring out the best in other people and whole societies.

We are grateful for the many elements which have preserved Judaism for us and taught us so much about our faith and culture. These include several temples, numerous community institutions, many inspiring clergy, the state of Israel, and great numbers of volunteers for worthy causes that have benefited us and our family over the years. Without them, the standards we use to organize and understand our world would not be there for us.

Through Emily’s active involvement in the Charlotte Jewish Federation and the Young Leadership Cabinet of United Jewish Appeal, we were privileged to learn about the richness and diversity of Jewish life here in the United States and around the world. Missions to the former Soviet Union and Israel afforded unique opportunities to witness Jewish history in the making and meet extraordinary people who demonstrated courage and conviction in fostering Jewish values under many circumstances.

Just as earlier generations in our family preserved essential Jewish values for us, we feel that we must do our part now. They taught us that we should accept the responsibility to support Jewish life in our time so that it will be vibrant and robust for the generations which follow. It gives us great satisfaction to be part of the chain linking the Jewish past and future.

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