Marc & Mattye Silverman

For as long as I can remember, I have cared about people in general and my Judaism. Fortunately I married someone who showed that same respect for others and a genuine interest in the community. That is one reason why I fell in love with him. Throughout our marriage, Marc and I have donated our time and money to various causes. We have instinctively tried to provide for those who have not been as fortunate. Philanthropy has always been part of our mix — even when we had very little to give.

Although Marc and I come from very divergent backgrounds, we have each established a strong Jewish identity and a belief that it is our responsibility to help heal our world and leave it better than we found it. Marc grew up outside of Philadelphia in a very German classically reformed Jewish home while I was born in Charleston, South Carolina, into a very traditional Modern Orthodox family. Marc’s maternal great grandfather founded Temple Israel in Wilmington, the first Temple in North Carolina, and his Uncle Happy Schloss was a founder of Temple Beth El. I think it was those seeds within Marc that directed him towards chairing the building of the first Temple Beth El at Shalom Park. I am especially proud of Marc’s efforts in rebuilding our Charlotte Hebrew Cemetery.

We have given one of our greatest treasures, time, as well as financial assets to our Jewish community and to our city of Charlotte. We have established a family foundation and hope that our children and grandchildren will not only add their wherewithal, but give their time to building a better community. A lot of our family foundation’s efforts have been directed to memorializing our son David, who died of a brain tumor in 1995.

We are very proud that the Foundation for the Charlotte Jewish Community was established and want to support its efforts. A lot of amazing changes have occurred in Charlotte and in its Jewish community since Marc’s arrival in 1962 and mine in 1965. This healthy growth in numbers has been matched by the leadership and generosity of some very special people to create a strong infrastructure. The Foundation for the Charlotte Jewish Community provides opportunities for us to come together as Jews and support a common cause. Marc and I want to be part of this effort and are proud to join with everyone in maintaining this legacy.

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