Linda C. Seigel

Linda C. Seigel

My grandparents, Frank and Frances Chervitz, were my role models. My grandfather was honored throughout St. Louis’ Jewish community for his charitable contributions. He took me and my sister, Ellen, on our first trip to Israel, an Israel Bond mission that made a lasting impression on me. It took thirty years for me to return to Israel. As a result of my last three trips, as an adult living in Charlotte, I have been able to fully understand what my grandparents already understood. We must continue to perpetuate our heritage, helping those less fortunate at home and in our “homeland.” My parents, Joel and Connie Seigel, also understood and exemplified the value of philanthropy. My father expressed these values throughout the St. Louis community, and my mother instilled Jewish values of love, compassion, respect, hard work and caring within our family.

My journey through adulthood led to the establishment of a successful career and moves throughout the country. My last move brought me to Charlotte, where I encountered the smallest Jewish population of anywhere I have lived. It helped me realize how important Judaism is to me.

As the Jewish community in Charlotte welcomed and embraced me it became my family, nourishing my spiritual side, providing caring friends, and allowing me to find my place in the community. I have been truly blessed in life. It is now my time to give back locally and to a Jewish community throughout the world that has enabled me to live such a fulfilling life.

My Lion of Judah gifts to Federation are particularly important to me. They include me in a family of women throughout the world whose values I share. It is very gratifying that more and more women realize the importance of directing their own philanthropic activities. The endowing of my Lion of Judah gift allows me to know that after I no longer am a part of the Charlotte Jewish Community, I will still have a part in helping a community that has been such a blessing in my life. The funds used both locally and abroad support projects I have seen and care about deeply. Those of us who are able, have an obligation to give back to our community and to see the wonderful work of the Jewish Federation of Greater Charlotte and United Jewish Communities continue to help Jews in need all over the world.

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