Andrew & Jennifer Rosen

Just over a year ago, we welcomed our beautiful daughter, Bayla Bea, into the world. While her arrival marked a milestone in our lives, our steps towards establishing a Jewish legacy actually started long before. We have both had the privilege to be engaged in Jewish life for as long as we can remember, and it has brought joy and meaning to our lives. For one of us, Judaism meant community, connection and a career. For the other, Judaism was defined by family, food and social activities (fraternity and basketball). Together, it has provided a framework for our lives together. And when we moved to Charlotte just three years ago, the Jewish community welcomed us with open arms and provided what we were looking for – an opportunity to establish a life and lay down roots in a city we now consider our home.

While we are still in the early stages of building our lives together, we are eager and excited to have the opportunity to participate in one of life’s greatest pleasures: supporting and enhancing the things we are passionate about. Through Jen’s work as a Jewish communal professional, we have been directly exposed to the power of philanthropy, specifically Jewish philanthropy, and we have been humbled and inspired. While we strive to practice the act of tzedakah and philanthropy with a vision of ensuring a strong Jewish future, with limited time and resources there is only so much we can do at this junction of our lives.

At first, when we heard about the Foundation for the Charlotte Jewish Community’s (FCJC) Create Your Jewish Legacy program, it seemed like a worthwhile venture, but something we would consider when we were much older. However, after hearing that friends of ours were participating and learning how simple it was, we were excited to begin the process of creating our own legacy. We found the process to be simple and personally rewarding. This one action, moved us from the perpetual feeling of wanting/needing to do more, but feeling limited, to making a commitment to ourselves and others to help sustain the future of Jewish life in our adopted home town. It’s a great feeling – having the chance to enjoy the Jewish community of today, and invest in the community of our future generations. In June, we attended FCJC’s Book of Life celebration and enjoyed the opportunity to connect with so many others, of all ages, who have created legacies of their own.

There are so many generous and visionary folks in our community who set a precedent, making this initiative relevant, exciting, and ultimately – a no brainer for us. Although we were a bit hesitant to write this piece, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to hopefully spark interest in some of our peers. Legacy Giving is accessible, simple and possible for folks of all ages. We urge you to join us. Reach out to the Jewish organizations you are most passionate about, get involved, ask questions and experience for yourself the joy of creating a legacy gift. It’s easier and more fulfilling than you can imagine.

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