Paula Sigal Musler

Paula Sigal Musler

When my parents moved to Charlotte in 1948, it was not the same community it is today. Over time, I have seen firsthand the parallel growth of our Jewish community and the city. It has been a wonderful thing to behold.

From the time they arrived in Charlotte, my parents were very involved in the Jewish community. It was important to them that I receive a proper Jewish education. We attended the only temple in town, Temple Israel on Seventh Street. There were only five students in my confirmation class. When the need arose for another temple, my father helped to raise money to build Temple Beth El at its old location on Providence Road. It was where I was married and my children celebrated their B'nei Mitzvah.

The Amity Club was the center of Jewish social life for our community. I enjoyed it as a young girl, and my children grew up there. The growth of the Amity Club was very important to my parents. It was the beginning of what is now our Jewish Community Center.

My parents’ devotion to the Jewish community and the hard work they displayed in running a successful business was an inspiration to me. I have tried to follow in their footsteps.

I served on the Boards of the Amity Club and Temple Beth El, as well as its sisterhood. When the Jewish Community Center was in the planning stage, I served on some of the committees and later on the Boards of the JCC and the Hebrew Cemetery.

I am very proud of my family’s accomplishments. What they helped create has continued to serve the needs of my children and grandchildren. The Confirmation classes have grown well beyond the five students of my day. Our Sunday School classes serve so many children and the numbers continue to grow. It’s a wonderful thing to see.

Temple Beth El has been an important part of my life in Charlotte, and the Hebrew Cemetery has special meaning because two of my children and my husband are buried there. It is my hope that with my help and with the help of my children and grandchildren we can preserve these institutions so they can continue to support future generations. For this reason, I have created a legacy gift to assist the future of our Jewish community here in Charlotte.

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