Staci & Darren Mond

Bobbi & Don Bernstein

Darren grew up in Charlotte and has been actively involved in its Jewish community all his life.  His parents, Irving and Rita, were raised in religious households and were very active in the Charlotte Jewish community. He attended Temple Israel for preschool, religious school, and his Bar Mitzvah. Whereas I grew up in Wichita Kansas, and was fortunate to be involved in my Conservative Synagogue. My parents, Jerrold and Barbara, grew up with a strong commitment to Jewish community life. Having role models like our parents, it was easy for Darren and me to jump in and become active with our family on Shalom Park.

We were married at Temple Israel where our children’s naming and bris ceremonies took place. Our family is deeply rooted in the many activities at the Levine Jewish Community Center. The Charlotte Jewish Preschool provided our children an excellent educational foundation for Jewish life. The temples provide us with our spiritual guidance while Jewish Family Services provides community outreach to those in need. Through the years, Charlotte’s Jewish community has been a great source of joy, comfort and support, especially with the deaths of our parents.  We have experienced many milestones and are looking forward to joyful simchas including the Bat and Bar Mitzvahs of our children.

We often ask ourselves, what would we do without all the Jewish activities for our kids in Charlotte?  It is important to us to keep them engaged so they grow up to lead productive, healthy lives with a firm Jewish identity.  To this endeavor we stay very active with many organizations on Shalom Park and expose our children to a variety of opportunities. We keep them involved with religious and cultural events throughout the year.

For us, leaving a legacy gift is a way of saying thank you and ensuring that our children (and hopefully their children) will continue to have a place that helps foster their Jewish identity.  Even if our children decide to leave Charlotte, we are happy knowing we have made a difference in our Jewish community.  Leaving a legacy gift is an excellent way for us to help sustain a sound Jewish community to support future generations.  We appreciate all the things that have been provided for us by others and want to do our part so that our children and others can have the same Jewish experiences in the years to come.

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