Marcelle Belinda Gorelick

Marcelle Belinda Gorelick

My parents, Patty and Bill Gorelick had brilliant foresight when they gave me the Hebrew name “Miriam Brachah” because I am truly “Brachah” — “blessed” to have been born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, by wonderful parents, family and friends. The Jewish schools, temples and programs they built nurtured me as well. Among many sweet memories I’ll keep are those of Temple Israel’s nursery school, teachers, musicals, festivals and holidays, in addition to B’nai B'rith Youth, swim team and fun at the Amity Club. I also treasure memories of my Bat Mitzvah trip to Israel led by Rabbi Rocklin. Virtually my whole "immediate community" climbed Masada — Grandma Elsie and Grandpa Jack Karro, and Bar Mitzvah classmates whose parents were like aunts and uncles to me.

I’m also blessed with two little girls, Adina and Lilah, who currently attend Charlotte Jewish Day School, a gem located in Shalom Park. What other school would pick the motto "It's cool to be a Mensch"?

We often joke that we live at Shalom Park, where Jews of different flavors unite. In a sense it’s the truth, because that’s where we come alive - where we learn, pray, exercise and socialize. It’s one of the places we most enjoy life. We are blessed by the generous giants who made this dream our reality.

The Federation helps support all institutions mentioned above while also assisting Jews worldwide escape persecution and poverty. Their financial support provides the tools for Jews to thrive independently, creating wholesome lives for themselves and their progeny. I am blessed to be in the position to contribute to Federation and make the world more just. The Talmud says, "He who saves one life saves the world entire."

International Jews bless our Charlotte community with more vibrance. My grandparents came here from Russia. When not feeding us kugels, Bubbie Annie thrived at the "rummage sale,” raising money for Temple Sisterhood. During a family meeting about tzedakah, my dad, who lives to give, told me his dad, Israel (“Pop”), would give to everyone who came into “The OK Shoe Store” fundraising for any worthy Jewish cause. Federation allows me to emulate Pop by donating to many worthy Jewish causes, including local institutions which nurture me and my children, our brethren in need throughout the Diaspora, and Israel. My endowed gift will keep giving for generations to come.

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