Bill & Patty ז״ל Gorelick

Bill & Patty Gorelick

Patty and I were raised in Charlotte. My parents immigrated to this country from Russia as adults, but Patty’s parents were born in New York. We both experienced what it was like to be raised in a southern community that socially excluded Jews and were very conscious growing up that we were Jewish.

Our fathers were both benevolent men with generous hearts who understood the need to help their fellow man. That is something we learned from them and have tried to pass along to our own family.

Family is very important to us. We have been involved with our children and grandchildren celebrating Shabbat, holidays and Jewish values. We support programs and institutions that instill these values, such as Jewish preschools and day schools, Jewish community centers and synagogues. These institutions must exist in order to keep our future Jewish community alive. To have a healthy and vibrant Jewish community you need to do it all. We all must make a commitment now in order to preserve our heritage, otherwise it will disappear. This applies locally, nationally, and internationally.

Charlotte has had exceptional leaders like Herman Blumenthal, Morris Speizman and Leon Levine who set the standard with their philanthropic and secular involvement, and we have tried to follow their example. To be a part of the total community, we think we have an obligation to give of time, money, and good judgment.

One indicator telling us Charlotte has been successful in creating a healthy Jewish environment is seeing our children return here to raise their own families. That all of our children returned says a lot. We can make a better life for the next generation by providing them with the necessary resources and opportunities.

After a long journey, our parents made a home for themselves in Charlotte. We would like the future of our community to be equal to the standards they set. To do this we need quality institutions with quality programming to attract outstanding new people to our Jewish community and to support those that already call Charlotte home.

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