Shelton & Ellen Goldstein

We are very committed to our Jewish life here in Charlotte. Ellen is originally from Atlanta, GA, where her family was active in the Jewish community. Her mother retired after 40 years of service as executive director of AA synagogue. Shel is a native Charlottean and has been connected to Charlotte’s Jewish organizations for as long as he can remember. We were married in 1976 and have lived in Charlotte since 1978.

We are both products of Southern Jewish families who triumphed in their struggles to maintain their identity as observant and proud Jews. Our grandparents were immigrants to this country. Our parents were first generation Americans who maintained the standards that were established by their parents. It was important to our parents that, in addition to raising proud and responsible adults, their children be exposed to the traditions and values of their Jewish heritage. We are grateful to them for this and have done our best to pass it along to our daughter, Erin, and our son, Craig. We are proud of their continued growth and the enthusiasm they show towards their own religious beliefs.

Ellen has served as Eastern Regional Director of BBYO since 1998. This has given us both incredible insight into the future leaders of our Charlotte Jewish community and communities throughout the Southeast. There is great enthusiasm and pride among our youth. They are involved in their own community and continue to travel to Israel. It is a wonderful thing to see that many of these BBYO alums have decided to return after college. This is a tribute to the Jewish community we have established here in Charlotte.

We take pride in our community and feel it is our duty and our pleasure to help the community grow and prosper. We have gained so much from its many organizations and feel it is important to be involved and give back. While we realize that our days are limited, the life of the Jewish community and Judaism is eternal. We take pride in being part of the Book of Life to support the future of our Charlotte Jewish community.

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