Alan ז״ל & Ruth Goldberg

Life is beautiful in Charlotte, and especially in the Jewish Community. We think of the many things that have made us happy since we moved here in 1962 with sons Michael and Jonathan, at ages 4 and 2, respectfully. We immediately joined Temple Israel which became our spiritual home, and the Amity Country Club (JCC) that became our recreational home. We raised our family and made our lifetime friends in these two “homes.” We participated and became leaders at Temple Israel, the JCC, Jewish Family Services, the Federation and the Day Schools. Ruth taught in all the Temple schools and the Hebrew Academy, and was the editor of the Jewish Times Outlook magazine. Alan is an honorary life president of Jewish Family Services. He also has a special interest in photography and has volunteered his work at Temple Israel, Jewish Family Services, The Book of Life and the Freedom School.

As we reach maturity, we still want to think of the future, not the past, and we can readily do this with the help of The Foundation for the Charlotte Jewish Community. A commitment to the Book of Life does help in some way to provide a future for organizations that have been meaningful to us. We thank the Book of Life that has provided us the opportunity to help provide continuity that has been so much a part of our lives.

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