Dan ז״ל & Ellen ז״ל Dubin

Dan & Ellen Dubin

Ellen and I both come from modest backgrounds. We were both taught from a young age that it is our responsibility to look out for others, especially those who are less fortunate.

Dan’s uncle, Louis Feldman, passed away ten years ago. We decided to establish the Louis Feldman Endowment for Jewish Family Services in his memory. The lessons he taught about tzedakah were not theoretical. Uncle Lou was an unpretentious man with a heart of gold. He worked with his hands and although he was not a big earner, he used those hands to write checks to a variety of Jewish and non–Jewish charities. He was a role model looking after members of his extended family as well as strangers who needed help. Uncle Lou was especially concerned that people not go hungry because as a child he knew what hunger felt like. He would be proud to know that proceeds from the endowment assist Jewish Family Services to feed the hungry.

Ellen and I raised our family in Charlotte and decided to set up the endowment in Charlotte rather than New York, where Lou had lived. We are members of Temple Israel and also support other Jewish organizations in town. When Ellen’s grandfather came to the United States from Eastern Europe, he was helped by the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS). Ellen grew up volunteering for several different charities and when the opportunity arose, she became the Volunteer Coordinator for HIAS NC located in Charlotte. She has been working for HIAS since January 1996 and is currently the director for HIAS NC. The agency assists refugees coming to this country. Every time she helps to resettle a refugee and hears his or her story, she is quickly reminded of her grandfather’s story and gives thanks for the sacrifices he made to get here. We both believe it is important to provide financial and volunteer support to our local Jewish agencies and have attempted to do this to the best of our abilities.

Contributing to charity is not something done by Jews simply because it is good to do. It is one of our communal responsibilities. We are commanded to do so. Ellen and I have made tzedakah a part of our lives and have done our best to pass this tradition to our children.

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