Andrea and George Cronson

Andrea and George Cronson

Andrea was born and raised in Greensboro, NC. Although she lived in a tight knit Jewish community and around the corner from a synagogue, it wasn’t easy growing up Jewish in the south. She attended a Jewish Day School throughout elementary school with only seven students in her graduating class. Andrea was always aware that being Jewish made her a minority. Andrea’s parents were involved in teaching Sunday school and fundraising for the community.

George grew up in Lexington, Massachusetts. His parents moved their young family to this Boston suburb from Rhode Island for its larger Jewish population in comparison to other communities in the area. George’s family was actively involved in their temple, as well as a havarah that greatly enhanced their Jewish life and sense of community. We were both raised by parents who led by example. We saw firsthand the importance of volunteering and their support of the Jewish community.

We met at Northeastern University in Boston. After we married, we moved to Raleigh and then to Charlotte in 1992 to open a new store and expand our fabric company. We were excited about Charlotte and the opportunity to live near Shalom Park. It is a very special and unique place. Since our arrival in Charlotte, it has been the center of our family’s life. Many of our family’s most meaningful experiences have happened at Shalom Park.

When we first moved to Charlotte, Temple Israel’s Young Couples club enabled us to establish meaningful friendships. Our children, Deena and Scott, attended the Charlotte Jewish Preschool and the Charlotte Jewish Day School. The Levine JCC is also important to us, for the programs and fitness facility. Our children went to Camp Mindy and participated on LJCC sports teams for many years. Temple Beth El, BBYO, Hebrew High and other organizations have shaped our family and have connected us to other Jewish families in Charlotte.

We have followed our parents’ example by donating our time and resources on a regular basis serving on numerous boards and committees. We feel strongly about our obligation to support and help sustain Jewish organizations.

We are very concerned about the continuity of the Jewish community. It is very important to us for future generations to have the same Jewish experiences as our family. Creating our Jewish Legacy will help to insure that the organizations that are most important to us will continue to prosper making it easier to grow up Jewish in the south.

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